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Dartball Darts

Our authentic Apex darts are made in two styles, both accurately designed and consistent as to size, shape and weight. The points are hard tempered steel set in metal and cannot pull out. The Expert dart is preferred by Dartball players and is the official or standard dart of many Leagues.

Available Colors: White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. (Colors in illustration approximate actual colors and are not exact.)

The Apex Expert No. 2 Dart has four feathers, insuring a more evenly balanced dart, which is truer in flight than a dart with only three feathers. Packed 1 dozen in a box.


Four Feathers - White


Four Feathers - Black


Four Feathers - Blue


Four Feathers - Green


Four Feathers - Yellow


Four Feathers - Red


Four Feathers - Purple

The Apex No. 2 Dart is available with three feathers. Packed 1 dozen in a box.


Three Feathers - White


Three Feathers - Black


Three Feathers - Blue


Three Feathers - Green


Three Feathers - Yellow


Three Feathers - Red


Three Feathers - Purple

Shipping and handling for all orders starts at $8.95 and scales accordingly. We ship by USPS; please use your street address for shipping. Thanks for your consideration.

Prices subject to change without notice and do not include shipping. Call for quantity prices.

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